Custom PEUGEOT 407 Taxi Pack Seat Covers

Custom PEUGEOT 407 Taxi Pack Seat Covers

Peugeot Boxer Heavy Duty Seat Covers

Peugeot Boxer Extra Heavy Duty Black Seat Covers

Custom PEUGEOT 308 Black & Blue Seat Covers

PEUGEOT 308 (2007-present) fully tailored car seat covers. All black leatherette with fabric centre panels, leather double top stitching and two logos. Please see description below for any additional information.








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PEUGEOT 308 (2007-present) fully tailored car seat covers.

The pictures show are to give an example of the various options available for your vehicle. These may show standard seat covers which have additional extras to highlight a range of possibilities, should you wish to choose them. Please note the price stated is for the seat covers in the pictures above only.

We also offer a couple of different packs:

1. The taxi pack: all pvc on all the seats (so they're easily cleaned) expect for the driver which gets fabric centres to stop any sweating during prolonged use.

2. The family pack: cloth centres on both the front seats for the adults, while keeping the back seats all pvc. This is particularly ideal for anyone with young children as the seats can be easily just wiped clean with a baby wipe.

Please note you may be required to email us a picture of your car.

More Information
Make Peugeot
Model 308
Secondary Colour Royal Blue
Seat Design Style Standard
Enable No

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