Fitting instructions for custom seat covers.

A step by step guide to installing your new custom seat covers.

Dear Customer,

Before fitting Car seat covers that require the Front seats to be removed from the car. Please make sure you do not put the car keys back into the ignition until you have reinstalled the seats and the electric plugs under the seats. This is important particularly on German Cars. Putting the keys back into the ignition before you have reconected the plugs will put the airbag warning light the dash which will require it be turned off. It can be turned off easy by most good mechanics.

Our Tailored car seat covers are made to fit only the parts of the seat that they were designed for, you will not have a problem with fitting the wrong part on a seat it simply will not fit. They come will airbag warning labels that go over the airbags on the front seats!

  1. The front seat parts that you put your back against (back rests or BR) are very easy to fit as are the rear seats(BR). Where the top and bottom of the seat join there is a gap. Push the seat cover through that gap - it will close with Velcro at the back of the seat that's it fitted. Most of our car seat covers have a zip on the (BR) that allows you to fit the wider seats while retain a smart appearance on your car seats. Now make sure you put the pre cut holes under the head rest posts photos are available to show how that is done. It holds the covers in place. There may be some Variation between models.
  2. Put the Head rest back into the seats. The head rest cover will have a long piece of material with Velcro on one end. The Velcro always comes from the back of the head rest cover towards the front. You may think them a very tight fit that is how they are supposed to fit. We recommend a sawing action to assist when fitting. Photos available here also.
  3. We recommend that you remove the front seats from the car to achieve a professional looking fit.
  4. To take out the front seats remove the plastic coverings from the seat frame. There is generally a block of connectors attached to the underside of the seat for Airbags and other electric. They are always colour coded by the manufacturer, so you cannot get re installation wrong unless you force the plugs into the wrong colour connector. A white Plug will not fit a yellow socket, white will always fit only white so don't concern yourself with that.
  5. Take out the 4 bolts (unclip any cables under the seat) the two bolts in the front are located at your feet; the other two are directly behind those at the back end of the seat runners. Reverse the process for installation...job done! To put the seat back in insert all the bolts hand tight sweeten then tighten down each bolt an even amount until firmly secure. Take out the head rest where applicable, that make it easier to lift the seat out of the car.
  6. Place the seat cover over the seat ensuring it sits in the correct place. Where the top and bottom of the seat join there is a gap - Push the seat cover through that gap. That is called the Pull Through it will have elastic Loops attached. (In the delivery you will receive bags containing metal hooks). Now you can see the shape of your seat under the cover. At the side of the seat next to the door there normally is a plastic trim around the car seat make sure you put the seat cover material behind the plastic trim. Around the seat cover edge of the car seat cover it will have elastic loops sewn on, attach the metal hooks to the elastic loops and fasten to the underside of the seat.

If you notice wrinkles around the side of the seat then undo the elastic loop and re fasten in another place. Make sure you fasten securely for a good tight fit.

The back seats are straight forward, you fit the parts you put your back against (BR) in the car.

The back parts you sit on are easy to remove for easy fitting. Consult your owners Manuel for the best way to remove the seats. Use the fitting instructions for the front seats as they are similar techniques.

We use a range of fitting systems depending on the car and model. Car seat covers direct has lead the market for all of it life particularly in design quality and installation techniques.

A great complement to us is that all the other car seat cover manufacture copy our innovative ideas...thank you one and all.

Please don'r hestitate to contact us if you neet more help onWhatsapp (00 44) 07858931394 - tel: 02871811188 or e:

NB: We strongly recommend you do not put your key into the ignition while you have your seats out of the car.

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