Do your seat covers replace the original material on the factory fitted seats?

No our products are designed to fit over the top of your original seat covers. Only if you are getting a leather retrim will the orginal material on your seats be replaced.


How do the seat covers be secured to the seats?

On the cushions of most vehicle seats, our seat covers fasten using elasticated loops, which secure to the underside of the seat via metal hooks. On the uprights/backrest our seat covers slide down over the top of the seat and are secured with either Velcro or elastic tie downs.


Can I fit these seat covers myself?

Our seat covers have been designed to provide easy installation for the general public. Please bear in mind as our products are tailored, they will required to pulled in place so give the exact fit, rather than a universal seat cover which can just be thrown on any old way. No specialist tools are required for fitment; just some patience and common sense will see the desired results.


Are your seat covers airbag compatible? And will the fit seats, which have, arm rests, picnic trays or cup holders etc?

Yes, our covers are fully tailored to your specific vehicle model and version and will take care of all the safety and comfort features. The products sold by Car seat covers direct are TUV certificated. We do in house testing also for the airbags deployment. Car seat covers direct products are manufactured with the best quality materials and come with a 12 months manufactures guarantee. Should there be a fault with your goods, they can be returned to the company for inspection at the customers cost.


So what is actually included in the price of your seat covers?

Prices on the website include the cost of your seat covers, headrests, armrests and centre console if your vehicle has one. Map pockets, stitching, logos etc are all additional extras, if you require any of these please state when ordering.


Can I have two coloured design for my seat cover and does this cost anymore than a standard seat cover?

Generally no, there is no extra charge for having a two colour design or even having two different materials on your seat cover. Only on bespoke special orders may you incur an additional charge.


What is the difference in your product compared to other seat covers on the market?

Our products are specifically tailored to fit only your vehicle and no one else’s. Unlike universal seat covers, which are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, our tailored seat covers are only designed to fit a specific vehicle and model. Each model will have its own dedicated template created from the original seats and sub templates will also be made to cater for the different trim levels and/or body styles.


How do you manufacture your tailored seat covers?

We use the latest Gerber technology and Accumark design software to ensure that you the customer receives only the highest possible quality and fitting products. These technologies are also used by some of the most reputable names in the car industry such as Porsche and Bentley, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best manufacturing techniques available.


Do you make seat covers for all cars which are currently available?

No because designing a template for a vehicle is such a time intensive job, it is just not feasible to have templates for all cars. That said we do provide for seat covers for most popular car manufactures and models, and are always currently adding to the list. Should we not have the correct template for your vehicle, we will tell you so and never take payment for an order. If your vehicle is not available, but you would still like seat covers, we may be able to get a template for it. At a cost that would be offset by the customer, please contact us for more details.


Do you need the measurements of my seats?

No, these are built into our templates; however we do ask that you send images of your seats to us via email (info@carseatcoversdirect.com) this ensures the right seat variant is made for the order.


Do I need to send you pictures of my seats?

We do ask that you send images of your seats to us via email (info@carseatcoversdirect.com) this ensures the right seat variant is made for the order, because nowadays with so many different trim options there can be different types of seat within the same model of car. To do this correctly we ask the images include all the features, buttons, levers and also Vehicle year sometimes we may require images of the car. I cant tell what exact model or trim level my vehicle is.


Can you still help?

Yes we can, with years of experience and we have professionals that can identify the correct seats from the images that we ask you to send us.


Would people be able to tell that these are seat covers?

When fitted correctly people will not know unless you tell them. This is our whole aim: to create tailored seat covers that look like a retrim but at a fraction of the cost. If they are badly fitted seat covers, they will realize easily.


Do your seat covers cover the full seat, including the backs?

Yes they do as you can see from the pictures in our Gallery. They are designed to fit/cover the same as the original seats. We have specially designed cut outs to allow for use of the arm rest, isofixs etc that were found on your original seats.


Why are your seat covers more expensive than those available at car accessory shops?


Off the shelf seat covers sold in car accessory outlets are universal, and produced in batches of hundreds if not thousands of sets, and often produced in third world countries. To those kinds of high volume manufactures the impact of transport costs on the price of a set is insignificant to the manufacturer due to high volume.

Our tailored seat covers, which are individually made to each customers individual specifications are designed and cut using the latest and best technology available. Which ensures that you the customer gets the best product available. We manufacture everything in Northern Ireland, and will always choose quality over quantity.


How long will it take to manufacture my seat covers?

Average turn-around time is approx. 4-5 weeks, this is because the product is tailored to your exact specification. If we require longer due to holidays or an unforeseen reason then we contact you to keep you up to date.


We are happy to help

Please don'r hestitate to contact us if you neet more help on Whatsapp: (00 44) 07858931394 - tel: 02871811188 or e: info@carseatcoversdirect.com

NB: We strongly recommend you do not put your key into the ignition while you have your seats out of the car.

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