Smart Car Leather Retrim

Smart Car Leather Retrim Kit

FORD ANGLIA seats. Retrimmed Front & Rear Seats No Door cards

FORD ANGLIA seats. Retrimmed Front & Rear Seats No Door cards


BOAT SEATS LEATHER RETRIM Prices for leather retrim are only available by request. Please see description below for any additional information.




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BOAT SEATS LEATHER RETRIM Genuine OEM standard quality leather used. We use the latest technology and practices available in the automotive industry in order to create an OEM factory fit look. A large variety of colours, textures and stitching options are available to meet every individuals personnel requirements. Take a look in our 'materials' section to view the different leather materials available. Unlike seat covers, which fit over the top of your seats, a leather retrim involves replacing the original fabric/leather on the seats with high-quality leather. This is a time intensive process which requires great skill. With over 20 years of experience in the business, you can rest assured that you will only be getting the very best in product quality and craftsmanship. Please note you may be required to email us with a picture of your vehicle.
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