About us


Having beeen established for over 20 years in the north of Northern Ireland, less than 10 minutes outside the 2013 city of cultural Derry/Londonderry, cars seat covers direct  has become one of the nations best known manufacturer of high quality seat covers. We have a reputaion of being a very reliable, trustworthy and honest company while at the same time producing high quality products and craftsmanship. 

All of our products are maufactured in house, in Northern Ireland, unlike some of our competitors whose products are manufactured in Asia. We only use the best quality leather and automotive materials so ensure that you, the customer, gets the best quality product. Our company has heavily invested in the latest cutting technology (Gerber cutting and the Accumark pattern design system) to ensure that our customers recieve the highest possible quality and fitting products. These techologies are also used by some of the most prestige car companies in the world today such as Lamborginhi and Porsche, so you can be rest assured that you will get a product that will be both OEM standard and quality.


The process of manufacturing your tailored seat covers involves a multi step process:

  1. Using Accumark pattern design, a template is developed and desgined for the specfic seat. It is then fine tuned, to within millimetres, to create a OEM standard look and quality seat cover.
  2. The final design is then sent to 1 of 2, of our gerber cutting machines. The machine scans the choosen material first, to work out the most efficent way of cutting the individual panels which make up the seat cover. It also has a flaw capturing sensor to ensure that it only the best parts of the material are used, thus preventing any flaws from reaching the final product.  
  3. Once all of the individual panels are cut, they are then sewn together to make up the seat covers. It is at this stage were stitching and logos are added to the seat covers, if they have been requested by the customer.
  4. Once all the covers have been sewn together, they under go a final examination to ensure that they are at a standard expected by us and promised to our customers.
  5. Finally, all that is left to fit the seat covers to your vehicle. We offer this service for £30, if you get them fiited at our premises. If you are not local to us, we offer fiiting instructions (see 'other info') and if you are still struggling to fit your covers we are also offering a live help feature over skype (see homepage).